Sunday, June 2, 2013

Zoom Ernst & Son b/w Planet Pinball 7" Louts Pool Records 1992

Zoom Ernst & Son b/w Planet Pinball
Lotus Pool Records
CAT# 7 (?) 1992

Zoom is a great band.  Obscure, but great.  This band is so obscure that I remember playing one of their full length CDs on Plow the Fields on KJHK 90.7 and reading the description/review of the CD.  If memory serves, it says something to the effect, "Not sure who these guys are, but they are local and it's really good."  That's pretty obscure to be unknown by all the hipster douchebags at the college radio station.  Needless to say, they did gain notoriety around town during their day.  I was previously only aware of the self released (I think) CD and the Helium Octipede CD which came out on the Tim Kerr label until I stopped in at Zebedee's RPM.  Every time I go in that store, I find the coolest shit.

Zoom is a Lawrence band, but much more rooted in the KC thing that was going around at the same time.  Far more comparable to the likes of Giant's Chair, Boy's Life than they are Kill Creek or Vitreous Humor.  Complex, nerdy indie rock, y'know, Slint dynamics, all that.  The Ernst & Son song starts with the slow building guitar line until layering up and the speak sing vocals come then some screaming.  I love this stuff.  Just tons of crunchy guitar layered on top of each other, big drums just crashing down, why doesn't anybody make post-hardcore like this anymore?  Unfortunately, the B-side is just that.  Something they seemed to hammer out quickly to fill a side, same style, just not much thought given.  It just screams "Planet Pinball" over and over, which is great if it's about the Replay Lounge.  I can't confirm that.

Members of the band did do some other stuff, Mark Henning the singer was in the Bells, after that I stopped being hip.  The bassist gigged in Panel Donor which was a solid band as well.

So Obscure you only find a 2010 Reunion Gig on YouTube, but it's f'n great.
Ernst & Son from the same show
And Plant Pinball

***Afterthought, reviewed information on the first CD that was put out by ZOOM.  Both songs are featured on the CD so Planet Pinball isn't a B-Side, its the second to last song on their full length CD.  However, there is some confusion as All Music doesn't list the same CD as does.  Feel free to comment.


  1. Planet Pinball was the name of an arcade that existed in the 90s in the shopping mall at the northwest corner of 23rd and Louisiana. Nice blog! I just found it.

  2. Mike, I knew the tune had to be about a real location, it was just a bit before more time. By the time I got to campus, the mall had closed. Thanks for the info.

  3. The first Zoom record was not self-released. It was released by Lotuspool Records. Lotuspool still exists and distributes the record today. More information at

    1. I thought the first thing I played at KJHK was a self released "demo" esque CD. I could be wrong Chris, it's been a long time since I was playing local music at KJHK...But, again, there's some things on their discography I can't figure out, like the CD listed on Discogs that doesn't show on All Music. Either way, you are right, Lotuspool isn't a label front done by Zoom. That's clear now. Thank you.