Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ghosty S/T More Famouser Records 2012

Ghosty S/T 12" LP
More Famouser Records
CAT # MF004 2012

I got to talk about some new stuff sooner or later.  I picked this up in a trade at Vinyl Renaissance.  This gem is self-released, at least I'm pretty sure.

I had the opportunity to work Andrew Connor who, for the most part, is the sole songwriter.  At the time, he was a freshman or sophmore in college.  The drummer, Richard Gintowt, was part of my music staff at the mighty KJHK 90.7 FM, thus the connection.  Richard is no longer is in the band, he does all sorts of local goodness in the Hidden Pitcures among other local endeavors.  I got to record them for Plow the Fields, it sounds awful, but you could probably ask the band, I was so proud of myself...I wanted to put the recording out for consumption.  Listening back on it, yeah, pretty scratchy, too many mics.

Going back to this LP, now and then, I've always thought Andrew Connor is a great songwriter.  His songs are well thought out, the lyrics are clever and witty, everything is soaked in melody.  My problem has always been it's too pleasant, to the point it becomes kind of predictable.  It reminds me of later Matthew Sweet after Richard Lloyd stopped laying down guitar tracks.  There's nothing that's going to punch you in the face.  To it's benefit, there's nothing that's going to make you hate the record either, it's pleasant.  If Andrew Connor can find the Mick Ronson to his David Bowie, it's going to be amazing.  Just someone, a prodcuer, a lead guitar that splashes his songs with something unexpected.  Until then, sweet power pop sounds.

Of note on the LP, 'You Saved Me,' 'Let Me In,' and 'You Shut Me Out' are freakin' hits, they passed the mix tape test and people should here them.

Ghosty You Shut Me live at the Replay
Free songs and stuff on the web from Ghosty the Website

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