Saturday, June 8, 2013

Marcy Tigner A.K.A. Little Marcy-Creepy Jesus Music

Marcy Tigner-Little Marcy LPS

Marcy Tigner, who sadly, passed away a year ago, was a native of Wichita, KS.  She ended up in the Northwest studying music.  Prior to her doll Little Marcy's success, there's supposedly two trombone albums she recorded as Marcy Tigner.

As an avid Christian and a failed musician, Marcy Tigner came up with Little Marcy to continue perfomring and playing music.  Little Marcy, as you can see in the 4 LPS I currently own, is a doll.  It's gospel stories and songs marketed for children, but before I dive too deep into that, Little Marcy is an actual doll and credited as a singer on these albums.  On early LPS, you see Marcy depicted as a cartoon or artwork, but later LPS are the actual doll.  Why are kids supposed to believe the doll is singing?  I suppose there was TV show to go along with it, but it just seems a bit absurd to use a ventriloquist doll to sell LPS.

Considering the amount of recorded material Marcy Tigner put out as Little Marcy, I believe it's safe to say, she is the most prolific Kansas born artist of all time.  They make for good gag gifts and they show up in thrift stores often.  Overall, they're creepy.  Marcy sings and speaks in a high pitch squeal, there's off key children chorus' floating throughout and the musicianship is amateur.  The subject matter, Jesus, makes it even creepier.

Nevertheless, if you see a Little Marcy album, pick it up.  They are bizarre and like I said, can usually make for a good laugh.  Second, there is a "market" for weird crap like this, people will actually buy it, not for much, but they will buy it.  But, please don't play them to your kids, they'll get nightmares.

Little Marcy - Devil, Devil, Go Away!
The TV Show

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