Monday, May 27, 2013

The J.T. Cooke Band Bright Blue Eyes b/w Lasting Man 7" 45 RPM

The J.T. Cooke Band 7" 45 RPM
Bright Blue Eyes b/w Lasting Man
Dynasty Records
CAT #1111 (Unknown Year)

I found this 45 at a garage sale tucked away in a copy of Bill Wyman's Monkey Grip LP.  I was honest with the lady running the garage sale and despite that I could have just kept the 45 tucked I asked, "Hey, this was tucked away in this LP, how much you want for it?"  She looked at it and said, "I don't know."  I replied, "Kind of cool, it's local," as I showed her the address for Dynasty Records was on State Line Road in KC, MO.  "Huh" she began, "$2.00?"  I was shocked, really?  $2.00?  I said, "You only want 50 cents for the record, I'll give you a dollar for both."  She agreed and I came home with this.

Looking at the backside of the sleeve, I figured a few things out: A. There is no J.T. Cooke in this band.  The name is possibly reference to the pipe maker?  B. These 6 dudes are too well groomed to be 70s rockers so despite not having a listed year on the sleeve or 45 this has to be from the 80s.  C. This was going to sound very slick, possibly like the band Kansas with keyboards and guitar licks or it was going to be truly awful bar band stuff.

Fortunately, it's neither.  Unfortunately, it's kind of wimpy.  Very polished and watered down power pop.  Admittedly, the vocal harmonies are nice on both sides, but the songs really lack any sort of punch.  The production is dated giving more reason to believe it's from the 80s.  It's a shame there just isn't more here.  A good solid back beat and this band could have had something similar to Titan! Power Pop out of KC or power pop similar the Shoes (not local).  Just too watered down.

Minimal info on-line, some of the members perform still around KC in classic rock tributes and the like. Perhaps someone who was in the group or friends of the group can shed some light on the year this was released and more info on the band itself.

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  1. i saw them live at my high school one friday night back in the 80s. i still have my free copy of the single, signed of course by the band. I converted it to mp3 and burned it to a cd, i still play it on my lap top and ipod.