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Slackjaw Uncomfortable b/w Menace 7" 45 RPM 1994

Slackjaw 7" 45 RPM (Red Vinyl)
Uncomfortable b/w Menace
Mercy Records
CAT# MRSJ-012-7

Slackjaw were a bit ahead of their time in 94.  Kind of metal, kind of post-punk, if they had a DJ they would've been geniuses, but they didn't.

What I remember of the band is that I enjoyed the song "Release" from a local CD compilation called 'Loaded in Lawrence'.  It was angry and screamed a lot.  Other than that, I remember the early days of social networking (webboards) and Bob Cutler from this band would continually argue with Scott Born of Kill Creek over who the most popular band from Lawrence, KS was on a local music website.

As for this disc.  It's angry and loud.  I hate to say it's not good because looking at the back cover, the members of Slackjaw look like they like to fight...I don't.  To it's benefit, it was recorded by Ed Rose, the go to guy in all of Kansas for recording throughout the 90s and into the present.  So it sounds good.

It's also labeled Sides 7 & 8, there must be a back story there, possibly other 7"s I'm unaware of or something about the numbers themselves.  The music is bruising and loud.   It's metal, thunderous and slow, with guttural vocals.  If I were to compare Slackjaw to someone cool; later era Black Flag for the slow metal aspect of the tunes.  If I am being honest, pretty MOR mid-90s metal with an underground flair.

BUT, here's the f'n awesome thing about Slackjaw, are you ready for this?  Kliph Scurlock was a former drummer (not featured on this release).  Scurlock's first Lawrence band was Slackjaw.  He'd later gig with Kill Creek and the Panel Donors before becoming a roadie for the Flaming Lips.  He's now the Flaming Lips touring drummer (someone once said he's full-time studio guy too, but I find that hard to believe if Stephen Drozd is in your band as well), regardless he's also a member of Drozd's Paris Gun.

Slackjaw Live

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