Sunday, May 26, 2013

Boys Life/Vitreous Humor Split 7" 1994

Vitreous Humor/Boy's Life Split 7"
Why Are You So Mean to Me? b/w Temporary
crank! A Record Company
CAT #CRC002 1994

This is Kansas City/Lawrence scene mid-90s on one disc.  It's fantastic and I cut my hipster teeth on this stuff sneaking into shows.  In fact, the last show I had to sneak into before turning 21 was the final Regrets/Vitreous Humor show in Lawrence, KS at the Replay.  It was awesome and I couldn't even drink (at the risk of being caught).

There's so much to say about these two bands, how important they are to Kansas, KCMO, music, the foundations of what would become "emo" a few years later.  But, I'll save it for later releases.

The Boy's Life track "Temporary" is a speed up version of the same song that would appear on their debut LP.  It's a nice side, but I prefer the album version when the band had developed it's sound completely.

The Vitreous Humor side is a f'n hit.  In fact, Nada Surf tried to do just that with it when they covered it as a single.  The song, which is about smoking pot and getting caught, is perfect.  It explodes sonically in Pixie like dynamics.  The lyrics, albeit a little juvenile, are true and from the heart, "You tell mom I'll break your neck, she's already a nervous wreck, I don't smoke it everyday, it doesn't hurt me anyway."  It's so Midwestern-teenager it makes me sick.

Vitreous Humor
Nada Surf ...Yawn...

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