Monday, January 23, 2017

Southern Fried Fiddlin' Man Fox Productions 1980

Southern Fried Fiddlin' Man Fox Productions 1980 CAT #FP-369

It appears Southern Fried is a Joplin, Missouri band, although, parts of their only album were recorded in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Either way, they look like kick-ass cowboy types from Missouri.

Their album is surprisingly good, a little bar band, but the recording sounds good, the majority of tracks are originals, and it doesn't fall into the obvious. In 1980, a Joplin, Missouri band could have gone a lot of ways, the obvious Ozark Mountain Daredevils, or perhaps the more pomp rock approach of successful acts like Kansas and Missouri. But, Southern Fried didn't let popularity concern them, they just put out an album of country rock that in parts, kicks around the shit and never concerns itself with a Nashville sound. Their tunes definitely stay in the country realm, but you can tell, these guys weren't afraid of letting the good stuff like the Allman Brothers and Skynard influence their brand of country.

Appears most of the guys in the band still get together and perform. They appear to have slowed down and become Jimmy Buffet fans, but for the most part, still look like a rowdy bunch of dudes that would tear apart a bar.

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