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Mike Ning Blues for Y.P. Ning and His Wife A Dedication by Mike Ning Ning Dynasty 1982

Mike Ning Blues for Y.P. Ning and His Wife A Dedication by Mike Ning Ning Dynasty 1982 CAT #001

Just recently, Mike Ning's daughter commented on a record her father was featured on here. I've since asked what other albums and work her father has done, but have yet to hear back. Reason being, I think I have several LPs featuring his work, most of which are sitting in my vinyl inbox waiting to be cleaned and listened to. I knew I had this one, so I felt obligated to pull it out.

The best part about this LP is how personal it is. All tracks are completely original and Ning gives background stories to all 5 featured on his ablum. The title track was a song he wrote in honor of his mother and father and the rest coincide with travel as a jazz musician and lover of the art form. Reading through the short stories, it appears Ning is originally from New Mexico, but at the time of this LP and apparently to this today, he was and is an active member of the KC Jazz scene.

Backside caricature drawing
He also put a drawing of his mother and father on the front cover, which I hope his parents liked, because it's there forever now. My favorite part now that his daughter has left a comment, is the caricature drawing of the Ning family on the backside showing that 1981, that was only good for one thing, Sesame Street songs, never mind a blues in D minor that the guy apparently wrote as a teenager, 'C is for Cookie' ruled the house.

The tracks were recorded with a trio and Ning leads on his piano. It doesn't sound dated or drenched in the 80's. It's enjoyable and well-done. Nothing gets too out of hand and it's pretty easy going throughout. Although, guitarist Danny Embry can go down some paths that get exciting, Overall, it's chill and easy to listen to. It also features a second version of 'Grable's Able (Milt's Abel)' which was featured on the previously mentioned KC Jazz Spectrum LP.

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  1. Hi, Dad was born in Shanghai China in 1940. He came to the states and was going to UNM Albuquerque when Hallmark Cards came thru searching for new artists. He got the job and moved to KC in 1964, where he also started playing on the jazz scene. He is still living and playing in KCMO.