Saturday, June 18, 2016

Bloodbirds Psych Surgery Private 2013

Bloodbirds Psych Surgery Private 2013 CAT# BB001

I'm not hip and if I was, I'd probably have seen this band a dozen times and have a lot more to say. Instead, I have my lame-ass story of finally tracking down a copy of this LP.

Years ago I was at Zebedees (before it moved and became something else), I asked the owner if he was into anything local and he grabbed his last copy of this Bloodbirds' release and said, "These guys played the KC Psych Fest and blew everyone away." It did look cool, but the S/T Berwanger LP was sitting there as well and I weighed my options and thought Berwanger's release is going to disappear before this small KC psych band is.

Man, was I wrong. That was literally the only time I saw a copy of it. I did search for it, I was interested seeing if the gloating reviews from Zebedees were true. I just never saw it around town. The band did a limited run of the LPs, something to the number of 500 and I guess everyone is hanging onto theirs. Eventually, the LP showed up on Discogs from a guy in North Carolina and I grabbed it, just glad the band's popularity is still within KC because it was reasonably priced.

It's a solid LP. Psych rock isn't a bad term, garage rock would fit as well. They obviously have classic rock influences, but don't have the classic rock studios their heroes had. The Bloodbirds are three piece and to fill out their sound, guitarist Mike Tuley layers guitars throughout the recordings. It's a lot of guitar. His classic rock hooks and indie-rock production make it feel like an early Dinosaur Jr. LP. It's a solid LP and I can get why it's nowhere to be found currently.

Psychic Surgery

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