Thursday, April 7, 2016

Pat Metheny Group S/T ECM 1978

Pat Metheny Group S/T ECM 1978 CAT #ECM 1-1114

This is the first album released by Lee's Summit native Pat Metheny under the name the Pat Metheny Group. Don't really need to go into the group members, because they're listed rather stylishly on the cover, This group created a string of well regarded release up through the 80's.

The music is very technical and sophisticated. It's on ECM, which is kind of a big deal for 70's and 80's jazz. The players are all great. The music kind of floats and noodles around a lot. Like, you'll leave the room for 5 minutes thinking you'll come back to another song and Lyle Mays is still slowly pounding out the same chord progression on his keyboard while Metheny just kind of splashes his guitar around. It's heavy in electronic instruments, but still sounds organic. Listening to it, even if it's not your thing, you can understand why it might be someone else's.

Also, below is a link of this guy on YouTube getting all sorts of pumped for a reissue of this LP. It's called an "Unboxing" video, which is these record collectors on YouTube just opening up packages of records they received in the mail, which is an actual thing that other people like to watch. They don't play the records due to copyright laws, which begs the question why are people so into watching these videos. I guess there's writing a blog on records nerdy, then there's next level YouTube nerdy.

This Fucking Guy and YouTube Unboxing Videos...

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