Monday, February 22, 2016

Todd Newman and the Leatherwoods To Win You Back Reverb 1988

Todd Newman and the Leatherwoods To Win You Back B/W Downside of an Eightball Reverb 1988 CAT# REV701

I've been hearing legends concerning Todd Newman since hosting a power-pop show on KJHK. His songs were a must have per Lawrence power-pop enthusiasts.

So, up until finding this one, the hype has been building in my mind. Legendary Lawrence, KS power-pop, so good you can't find his 7"s anywhere. Then I got it and I'm like, meh, this is pedestrian.

Not to say it isn't good, it's enjoyable. "To Win You Back" has a great harmony on the chorus, but the rest could have been a Romantics song buried away on a second side of one of their albums and people might point it out as a highlight. The amount of swearing on the B-side, "Downside of an Eightball" is impressive. All the curse words paired with a power-pop balled is kind of humorous, but I'm not sure Todd Newman was trying to be funny.

Interesting bit about the band, formed in Lawrence, presumably as Jayhawks attending school (the 7" even thanks KJHK). The drummer of the Leatherwoods was Tim O'Reagan, who would move off to Minnesota and join the influential alt-country band, The Jayhawks, Coincidentally, Newman lives in the land of 1000 Lakes as well.


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