Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Casket Lottery Choose Bronze Second Nature 1999

The Casket Lottery Choose Bronze Second Nature 1999 CAT# SN016

You don't want to call Casket Lottery emo, but fuck, this album can be so emo. It's whiny, the dual vocal approach exchange cries throughout, and, I think most the songs are about girls. And while it doesn't sound 1999 Midwestern emo with all the math-y time signature changes, it would have fit in fine next to the likes of emo pioneers Boys Life and Giants Chair. So, in that regard, the Casket Lottery's first LP is an emo LP.

However, it's way beyond that, it's got more depth and way too much aggression. Keeping in mind, two thirds of the band performed in the brutal metal band (one of which still does) Coalesce, these songs will throat punch you. There's no time for crying, Casket Lottery has too much of a punk rock upbringing and too much of a metal ego to get too wimpy.

Another element of the post-hardcore scenes the Casket Lottery gravitated to, math-rock. Far more intricate than their emo counterparts. It's not as harsh as Don Caballero and not as pretentious as American Football or Joan of Arc, but these guys have enough start-stop moves and drum counts to start a class. They were able to find a solid balance of the influences and make something unique, catchy, but still maintain their punk rock DIY values. It's a great LP.

Also key to the Casket Lottery perfection is the special touches they gave every release outside not allowing for a single skipped over track. Choose Bronze features the band name in metallic bronze print on the front cover. They also inscribed the words, "Your Home" and "My Home" on opposites sides near the matrix numbers. Little things like that, always made Casket Lottery so clever and conscious of the people listening to them.


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