Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Appleseed Cast Two Conversations Tiger Style/Graveface 2003

The Appleseed Cast Two Conversations Tiger Style/Graveface 2003 CAT# GRAVE035

If you can come up with an original Tiger Style issue of this release, it's still worth a pretty penny.  However, to save money, this is fine.  The Graveface reissue series has done an amazing job with the Cast.  The album is the first the band did after leaving the notrious Deep Elm label and at the time, was highly anticipated following the buzz of the Low Level Owl albums.

Personally, I find the release a bit more focused than the sprawling Low Level Owl LPs.  My only real complaint is it's a very slow-moving album.  Whereas the previous album had bursts of emo-ness thrown in to keep you off balance, Two Conversations steadies the pace.  This album certainly shed the emo tag, Chris Crisci's vocals are strained here and there, but he isn't crying like a baby anymore.  And the band, fucking brilliant, can't throw them in a punk-teen scene any longer, they're too good to emo.  The album finds the band with confidence, like they know who they are.  It also finds the band aligning themselves further with post-rock movement, building songs rather than writing them.

Overall, it's a fantastic mood album.  That is, you have to be in a certain mood to enjoy it.  If you want something immediate that you can sing and dance to; this is not your answer.  But, the deeper you get involved with it, the more rewarding it becomes.  The chilling loniliness that you hear on side one with songs like "Hanging Marionette" and "Fight Song".  And, if you make it through, you get rewarded here and there with the energy of "Innocent Vigilant Ordinary" and the slowcore beauty of "How Life Can Turn" and "A Dream For Us," on the flip.

Innocent Vigilant Ordinary

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