Saturday, November 26, 2016

Larry Good Movin' Country Lari-Jon Records Year Unknown

Larry Good Movin' Country Lari-Jon Records Year Unknown CAT #R-1179

Larry Good looks like a bad-ass in his fancy cowboy hat and turquoise jewelry. Truth is, the Kansas City born performer was. Looking at the cover, you'd think it's just some sap from the KC area trying on his country digs, and it is, but Larry Good had a name.

Prior to starting up in rockabilly and country music, Larry Good was Kansas City born baseball player who played in the Chicago Cubs minor league system as an infielder in the early to mid-50s, but he never made the Show. Following his baseball career, he put out a slew of 45s on the Kansas City labels, some of the early rockabilly stuff he did is well-regarded. He continued his music career for over 40 year and apparently, in the 80's he founded Lari-Jon Productions/Records that coincided with a country music television program that aired throughout Nebraska.

The album suffers from dated production, but overall, Larry isn't so bad. He picks out some ass-kicking country to cover, He sticks to traditional country honky-tonk, early country sounds. He jumps into his rockabilly groove on a cover of "White Lightnin'". There's two originals that conclude the LP, they're pretty simple attempts at sing-along bar chants or possibly something he had in mind for the closing of his television program.

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  1. This album is a compilation of sorts. The opening song Raise Your Glass was written by Redd Stewart and first released as a single in 1971. Back To Your Loving Arms was another single in 1974, as was Long Way To Kansas City. The songs mentioned were all musicians of the A Team in Nashville back in the day. Along with his publishing/Record company Lari-Jon, he released many other albums including As Good As It Gets, Jesus Is My Hero, L.G. Some Old, Some New, and Larry sings Good Gospel. Two other artist that released albums on Lari-Jon were Kent Thompson, and Bill Eagle.