Monday, September 14, 2015

Mates of State Mountaintops Barsuk Records 2011

Mates of State Mountaintops Barsuk Records 2011 CAT# BARK119LP

The first track, "Palomino", is quite the statement piece from Mates of State. It's huge piece of refined pop. It's cinematic and you've probably heard it in commercials or on the radio, it's that kind of thing. Then, right after that, the husband and wife duo hit you again with the track, "Maracas", which is just as perfect. Just a bouncy rhythm, catchy lyrics, and it'll give you an immediate sugar rush.

And, if you only had the album for those two songs, it wouldn't be a bad thing. However, the whole LP is filled with hits. Gone are the chaotic back and forth of their duo's first albums, this features a full band and a much more focused sound. The kids, they hate it, they still want the bashed out sounds and shouted vocals. But, there's nothing wrong with enjoying this album, it's like finally admitting you like Fleetwood Mac. Sure, some of your cool points are lost, but at least you're being honest with yourself.

Palamino Video

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