Sunday, November 16, 2014

Marilyn Maye The Happiest Sound in Town RCA/Victor 1968

Marilyn Maye The Happiest Sound in Town RCA/Victor 1968 CAT# LSP-4054

Found this at a garage sale down the street.  Boxes of easy listening and Christmas records.  There may have been a few Beatles LPs before I got there, there probably was a few things like Gerry and the Pacemakers, but overall, there was nothing cool.  There was this, though.  Not considered a cool record to anyone, but seeing how she's local, it was my lone purchase.

Should be easy to buy a record for a dollar at a garage sale, but, no.  You have to talk about why you are purchasing the record, and field the question, "Do you still have a record player?"  Or, "What do you do with all these old records?"  Since Marilyn Maye is from KC and proud about it, this purchase took a considerable amount of time.

First the homeowner selling the record got excited and stated, "Oh, Marilyn Maye, I know her!"  That was genuinely interesting so I replied thinking there was maybe a family relation.  No, instead I got, "Well, she's local, I don't know her, but..."  Oh good, you don't know her, can I have my change, now?  "But, my brother's girlfriend used to have a brother that dated her years ago.  She's still around though, we always go see her perform at the community college."  Wow, terribly interesting, but, to her benefit, she was right, Marilyn Maye does perform at the Johnson County Community College from time to time...she should kept the record and asked her to sign at the next one she went to.

The album is enjoyable.  It does get over-the-top Hollywood at times, but the bulk of the first side and some of the second are based in a much more traditional vocal jazz approach.  Plus, she puts a ton of pzazz in her rendition of the classic tune, "Kansas City."

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