Saturday, June 28, 2014

Charlie Parker The Happy "Bird" Charlie Parker Records 1961

Charlie Parker The Happy "Bird" Charlie Parker Records 1961 CAT #PLP 404 S

Kind of a neat release, the label Charlie Parker Records was initiated by Parker's widow, Doris Parker and producer, Aubrey Mayhew.  The label was founded to release the unreleased works of Charlie Parker that were being exchanged through various bootlegs.

This release is nothing spectacular and pretty easy to track down.  It'd make mores sense for a completest as the tracks here are extended jams of tunes released in better format.  That is to say, I'd be much better off concentrating on proper Parker albums rather than random compilation pick ups.

The sound quality is poor, but again, it's a trade off for the extended times of the tunes.  4 tracks, including a 15 minute rendition of "Scrapple from the Apple" (misspelled Appel) and 13 minutes of "Lullaby in Rhythm" which is mislabeled "I May Be Wrong."  The spelling errors and miss labeled tunes alone should speak to the quality of the release, but hey, it's Charlie Parker and some moments are straight jam sessions.

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